Why You Can’t Run a Business without Having a Website

The Core Benefits of Having a Website That Can Boost Your Online Presence


Are you an old-fashioned local business owner who believes that having a website professionally made for your business is just a waste of time and resources? Do you believe that because your business is local, having an online presence is irrelevant and pointless?


This article has a few points that will contradict your perception about business websites. So continue reading and let the facts persuade you. This might just be the most important read in your career as an entrepreneur.


Why a website?


For most old-fashioned small business owners, word-of-mouth marketing has always been the most powerful form of advertising. If you have quality service and/or products, customers will take notice and they will share it with their friends, acquaintances, and so on. This is how small businesses can grow in a local setting.


This particular marketing technique is not wrong. To this day, small businesses still rely on word of mouth to help their business reach as many potential customers as possible.


Websites are the avatars of businesses in the online realm.


But here’s the thing:


The way people communicate, the way consumers share things with one another, has significantly changed. In case you haven’t noticed, people nowadays use their fingers to talk more than their mouths. Thanks to online chat rooms, community forums, and social media.


The internet has become the vehicle for word of mouth. And that is why you should seriously consider the importance of having a business website to increase your brand’s online presence.


Why Having a Website Is Crucial to the Growth and Development of Your Business


  1. A website can add to the credibility of your business.


Having credibility is always a plus if you’re running a business, especially for small businesses and local businesses. But why does a mere website add credibility to a business?


Consider this:


Most consumers nowadays use the internet to look for products and/or services. Gone are the days when people use the phonebook yellow pages to look for services. Even the Yellow Pages companies got up and made themselves a nice website.


So if your business has a website that people can browse to look for information about your company, your products, and your services, you will gain more credibility and more potential customers along the way.


  1. A website will allow you to disseminate information to your target audience faster.


As an old-fashioned entrepreneur, you’re probably familiar with brochures and catalogues, right? Well, think of a website as an online brochure or catalogue that can be accessed by anyone and everyone on any device, whether it’s a laptop/desktop, a tablet, or their smartphones.


You won’t even have to pay someone to stand on a street corner just to give out those brochures. Instead, you let the customers go to you by having a well-designed website filled with relevant content aimed at a target audience.


  1. A website can be your digital showroom for your work.


Regardless of what type of business you’re running, what kind of products you’re selling, or what type of services you’re offering, a website can be a great location to showcase what you have to offer. You can put images of your products, information about the services you offer, and even testimonials from satisfied clients and customers.


You don’t need to hire someone to demonstrate your products in malls and shopping centers— you know those guys in headsets with microphones that demonstrate how well their blender works or how awesome their ceramic frying pan is? You have your website to cover all of those things.


  1. A website can help improve customer service.


Getting people to buy your products or avail of your services is simple enough. The real challenge is to transform casual customers/clients into loyal patrons. You want them to keep going back and buy your other products/services.


Now how do you achieve this? How do you make a casual customer become a loyal patron? Through quality customer service. Your website can be the platform, the means for you to hear the misgivings and suggestions presented by your customers, thus greatly improving the quality of customer service.


There are plenty more reasons why your business needs a website. The important thing to remember is that people, the customers, nowadays spend a significant amount of time online. If you want to reach your target audience, you have to find them where they’re at.