Using a Website to Build Brand Authority

Building a brand may sound similar to building authority, but they are actually two different things.


When you want to establish an identity or a category for your company or product, or when you want more exposure for it, that is branding. If you want to build authority for your brand, you need to have valuable, relevant, and shareable content that shows credibility and expertise. Therefore, branding is to identity and exposure while online authority is to credibility.


If you are just starting to make your online presence felt, this can sound a bit complicated, but it’s really quite simple. Proper branding, as we all know, can be achieved by providing avenues of online exposure for a particular company or product. But it works even better and gives exceptional results when supplemented by following several strategies to improve online credibility.


And one of the best ways to build online authority is by taking advantage of the powers of a website.


Useful Strategies for Building a Brand and Establishing Authority with a Website


Nowadays, websites are one of the first sources of information that people look for. Instead of reaching out for the telephone, the yellow pages, or the newspaper, people now go online and look for the websites of the brands they patronize. So, yes, websites are extremely important. In addition to this, websites are perfect platforms for creating content that matches your brand’s message and purpose.


Here are several strategies you can use to establish good branding and online authority with websites:


  1. Create unique, relevant, and interesting content.


“Content is king” is a phrase you have heard so many times. Well, it’s the truth. No matter how many times Google changes its algorithms, good website content will always be on top of the list. As long as you come up with fresh, relevant, and unique content, your website’s online presence will remain solid. Of course, the kind of content you post also matters, so be sure to talk about stuff or information that will interest your visitors. You can’t talk about Korean pop fashion when your brand is all about haute couture, can you?


What else can content offer, you ask? More. Much, much more.


Unique and relevant content will help build a reputation for your website. If content is posted (and updated) regularly, and if it focuses on topics relevant to your niche, your brand’s credibility—or authority—will be established. Examples of content you can use are videos, interviews, product demonstrations, and infographics.


  1. Blogs can also help promote brand and establish authority.


An informative blog can be a good idea because you can use it to share information about your brand—whether new or something your target visitors have known for quite some time already.


The idea here is to keep talking about your brand. So the blog can feature interviews with consumers, industry leaders, and maybe even the creators of the product or brand. A variety of interesting content—the kind that invites curiosity—will keep visitors going back to the blog.


Your blog can be a separate online entity or it can be part of the brand’s website.


  1. Websites are connected to your social media pages.


Social media channels help expose your brand.


As various social media platforms attract millions of users every day, it is only right for you to take advantage of this opportunity to make more people aware of your brand.


Every time you post something new on your website or blog, you should share it to all your social media pages: Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and even on Pinterest. The more social media channels you connect to, the more exposed your brand will be. This increases your brand’s online credibility.


  1. Use the brand or business name in the title tags.


If you specifically use the brand or business name in your content’s title tags, people who are looking for brand they recognize or have heard of will find your site easily.


  1. Reply to comments on your blog.


Each time you reply to a visitor’s comment, you are cementing your knowledge, credibility, and authority about the brand or subject matter. Likewise, you are also providing information to visitors.



Websites are a great venue for establishing a brand’s online presence; something that is essential if your goal is to create an authoritative and trusted reputation in the online world.